• Sales/use tax information

    Residents of Oklahoma: Please see important sales tax information: State Requirements Oklahoma: Sales or use tax is not being connected in connection with your purchase. You may be required to remit use tax directly to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. You may obtain additional information from the Tax Commission here regarding…

  • Fees

    Please see below for more information on each type fee that may be applied to an order per state/country laws. EWRA The Electronic Waste Recycling Act became law in California on January 1, 2005. The primary objective of this law is to initiate a recycling program for computer products containing…

  • Suspended account

    If you see the following message upon attempting to login or if your account has been suspended, don’t worry this can easily be resolved. How to resolve a suspended account To request assistance with a suspended account, click on the following link. You will be taken to a web form…

  • Rush Processing

    Rush Processing expedites the fulfillment of your order so it can be packed, shipped and on the road the same business day it is placed. For Rush Processing to be effective, your order must be submitted and charged before 3:30 p.m. local time, Monday through Friday. If the above conditions…

  • Which items are eligible for price quotes?

    Most items are eligible for quotation, excluding items sold by third-party sellers on NeweggBusiness Marketplace. Eligible items will have a Request Quote button on the product page.

  • Can other users view my quote history?

    Yes, all users in your organization’s account can view and approve quotes, with the exception of restricted users, who can only view the quotes they requested.

  • How do I convert a quote to an order?

    To convert a quote to an order, log on to your Quote Status page. Click the quote number to view the quote details page, and click the Order as Quoted button. Or, you can contact your Account Executive listed in the quote confirmation e-mail and on the Quote Status page.